You have decided now is the time to sell - this can be the hardest step in the process but can also be the most exciting.  Selling can mean a number of great things - moving up because of a growing family, a job change, downsizing, or simply just a change, whatever the case we would love to help.


This will be crucial to your home selling experience.  You want to carefully interview and  hire a professional Realtor® that will get the job done for you.

A few things to ask:

  • Are they a full time Realtor®

  • How long have they been a Realtor®

  • How many transactions do they complete on average a year?

  • Do they work mostly with buyers or sellers

  • Where do they get their business from, referrals or online leads? (you want someone who's business pretty much runs on referrals - it tells you they are doing something right.)

  • Do they have a team

  • Communication is key in any real estate transaction - how do they prefer to communicate, through phone call, text, email?  You want to know whatever Realtor® you choose it is someone that is going to pick up the phone at least once a week with updates, and is not afraid to call you when there is a bump in the road.


There are many strategies to pricing a home.  We like to say we want to be "just on this side of crazy" meaning we don't want to under price or price to high to hurt our showings and any possible buyer.  With that being said we will go over comps and go into detail what we think it is worth and why we think that, but we work for you and we will list wherever you want and do everything we can to get you that number.  We understand for many this may be a retirement fund, or you need to net a certain amount to make the next move.


Preparation is key to marketing a home.  We have a wealth of knowledge on cheap easy upgrades or ideas that would benefit many.

  • Fresh coat of paint on the front door

  • New mailbox

  • Fresh flowers on the table

  • Clean windows

  • Turn on all the lights and open blinds during showings

  • Make the beds everyday

  • Make sure the kitchen and bathroom counters are as de-cluttered as possible. 

  • Put your pet's toys/litter away

Just to name a few, we can go over all our tips in detail when we meet.


This will make or break a transaction, choosing the right motivated buyer is everything in real estate.  Just because someone is offering a higher price doesn't mean they are the best.  We help you look at the big picture, what kind of financing are they using, do they need help with closing costs, are they contingent, do they have anything in their past that might hinder their buying potential such as a bankruptcy or short sale.  The list goes on and on in the risks or opening escrow with a buyer - so we like to do our homework and all potential buyers and meet with you to go over pros and cons on each buyer.


If you are thinking of selling but would like to know what you might be able to walk with after everything we would be happy to do that for you.  All we would need to know is your address, and what you owe and we can give you a great idea of what you would walk with.  If this is something you are interested let us know.