Education and preparation is where it is all at!  This will be the foundation to your home buying experience.

You will want to:

  • Get pre-approved

  • Interview a minimum of lenders (we can refer a few if you need

  • Get their current rates

  • Are they a direct lender or a broker?

  • Do they have a team (some buyers like one on one communication others don't, but decided what would work best for you)

Once you choose one, have them get you a pre-approval letter so you know your affordability! Ask them to give you a payment breakdown in increments of $25,000 around what your target number is to see payment differences. Find out what items they are going to need from you by the close of escrow so you can start working on that list so you’re not rushing around during escrow trying to find documents needed.


Moving can be one of the most stressful times of your life - it helps to be organized!

We suggest:

  • Getting a different color tape for each room your moving into. When you tape up a box to move put that colored tape on the corresponding box so you know where it goes.

  • Make sure to forward your mail and let your banks, friends/family, medical provider etc you are moving and they need to update their contact info for you.

  • Transfer utilites

  • Re-keying your new home.

If you might want to hire a professional we have a few we know you'll love.


Choosing the right agent is crucial in the home buying process. Communication is key!

Here are some factors to consider when choosing your real estate professional:

  • Someone that you can talk to and one that actually listens to your wants, needs and concerns and acts on it

  • A strong negotiator

  • An Agent with your best interest at heart

  • A full time, educated Realtor® that knows the area as well as the current market conditions

  • Someone that will show you as many homes as it takes to find the perfect one!

  • Understands the escrow process and will help you navigate all the paperwork

  • Someone that will coordinate all your inspections and make sure you are completely covered.


This is when it gets fun:)

We can set you up on what we call a "DRIP" this is directly set up with the Multiple Listing Service with all your search criteria. You will automatically receive all the listings in the areas your choose in the price range, bedroom count, size etc... you choose what you are looking for. If you see something you like - just let us know when you are available and we will schedule the appointment! You can choose to see as many or as little homes as you would like (we never get tired of looking at homes)

If you love it - we will run comps to check the pricing, talk with you to see what you would like to offer and write up an offer!


Inspections are a vital part of purchasing a home, you will want to inspect the home with qualified professionals so you know what your getting into.  We know this is one of the biggest investments you will ever make and want to make certain you are well protected as well as informed - and will make sure we negotiate any repairs needed on your behalf.

Every loan needs an appraisals.  This is where the lender sends out an appraisal to make sure the home is worth the price we are in escrow for.  If the appraisal comes in low we then negotiate a new price and terms.  

Escrow is the middle man to everything.  They are a third party entity that handles the money and paperwork.  The escrow period is generally 30-45 days but is always a term that is negotiated.